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Artificial Intelligence is one of the most exciting and possibly useful technological developments in our history.

The list of countries that will benefit from the AI revolution could be exceedingly short

Here’s a comprehensive list of the countries that venture capitalist and former Google China president Kai-Fu Lee says are well-positioned to embrace a future powered by artificial intelligence:

  • United States
  • China

Do you really think so?

Do you think that talent and imagination in new kind of business as AI won’t have relevance?

We think that, in different ways, without big investment, we can reach huge inventions, in ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE too, as they are completely out of the Philosophy potential for Software, we refer to Geometrical Logic, Logometry, the coming machine language to represent human language.

Work will shift from repetitive tasks to more creative tasks.

For example, China and India, which were once leaders in a global economy, have already embraced the new reality and are set to capture the lion’s share in the future. Yet, I believe, they need to contend with the lower end of the pyramid, which is still not productive enough. Eastern Europe, Africa and Latin America will be impacted in the same way.

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There are currently two prevailing beliefs about the path humankind will take in adopting ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: the low road is one of dystopia, where at worst humankind become slaves to their robot overlords, or at best only a small handful of ultra-wealthy individuals derive benefit from AI.

Here reasonable examples:

Bifasor is an online professional network for service providers and shippers in Africa's transport and logistics industry. It has been described as the ‘next Uber’ for Africa's transport and logistics sector.

Ordering and delivery services provider Sokowatch operates in Kenya and Tanzania. It estimates that more than 84 percent of all consumer purchases made in African cities are done through small, independent shops and account for over $180 billion in sales every year.  

The varied factors fuelling the swarm intelligence market growth are the rising use of swarm intelligence for solving the problems of big data, the increasing rate of adoption of swarm-based drones in the military, and requirement for swarm intelligence in the business of transportation. However, the major factor restricting the market growth is the unwillingness to accept new technology.

The Asia-Pacific regional market is likely to command a major share of the global swarm intelligence market. Among the various Asia-Pacific market countries, China is regarded as one of the major revenue contributors. 

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Mobility and transportation: the opportunity for intelligent logistics

TiE Bangalore has helped launch a range of centres of excellence with the Karnataka government, in domains such as IoT, data science, AI, and cyber-security; a Centre of Excellence in Transportation-Tech would also help.

Do you imagine all the new kind of online Jobs will emerge with Chinese and AMERICAN companies about Reasonable Industry 4.0 via our AI, and IoT projects, Do you have any ideas about relationing African businees with coming Industry 4.0?

The Future of Jobs in the World of AI and Robotics

Artificial intelligence and robotics are disrupting every aspect of work and redefining productivity. The old ways of not just working, but also assessing capabilities, hiring and compensation, are undergoing a massive change 

China and/or USA - Africa at AI 

After slapping tariffs on 20th century industries like steel, President Donald Trump is now mulling curbs on 10 strategic industries that Beijing aims to dominate this century. The measures may be announced as early as this week on industries that form the thrust of the "Made in China 2025" plan to boost high-end machinery, aerospace, new-energy vehicles and biotechnology.

China has set a 2020 target for the core AI industry’s gross output (RMB 150 billion) would represent a tenfold increase of the AI industry in the next three years.

Which country will be the best partner to Africa about Industry 4.0, China or USA?

Made in China 2025" was announced in 2015, and highlighted 10 sectors for support on the way to China becoming an advanced manufacturing power: Information technology, high-end machinery and robotics, aerospace, marine equipment and ships, advanced rail transport, new-energy vehicles, electric power, agricultural machinery, new materials, and bio-medical

They report that China is still far behind on hardware but ahead in mobile and data and lagging in algorithms and commercial AI companies.

But China’s success in building supercomputers demonstrates its potential to catch-up to world leaders in AI hardware.  

Ethiopia has all of those, and at a remarkably low price. So it seems quite possible that Ethiopia, and other developing countries, could end up serving as the engines of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE advancement -- maybe even the location of the breakthrough from narrow AI to Artificial General Intelligence.

Beijing – North Africa Video APPS IoT , California – West Africa . AI . Florida – Nigeria IOT Ideas, Hong Kong – South Africa BD APPS, South China – East Africa . AI APPS

Also, young Ethiopian engineers are getting involved in various international projects such as AI development including emotion detection and voice/facial recognition for the cognitive part of Chinese humanoid robots.

One of those ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE groups, I-Cog Labs, do various international software outsourcing projects, with its customers hailing from places like Hong Kong, German and Australia.

In addition to this, I-Cog teaches coding programming to high school students with the inclination for AI and software in its academy and raise awareness about the sector to young bright students

Although in most sectors China’s AI technologies are still catching up, Chinese researchers have become a global force in ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE that cannot be ignored, according to a report last year by LinkedIn Co. Foreign companies fear they can’t compete against Chinese companies in AI and advanced manufacturing that are backed by massive state investment and subsidies.

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What you need to lead in the Industry 4.0

being a follower or being a leader?

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