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LED Lighting Could Save Developing Countries $40 Billion/yr.

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Developing and emerging economies could save $40 billion worth of electricity and prevent 320 million metric tonnes of carbon pollution annually simply by transitioning to LED lighting, according to estimates from United Nation’s Environment. Today speakers at a side event to the big international climate change conference (COP 23) occurring in Bonn, Germany, announced new model regulations that are designed to phase out inefficient incandescent light bulbs and establish minimum performance requirements for the LED bulbs to replace them in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.


The model regulation will soon be published by the United for Efficiency initiative, a public-private partnership led by UN Environment, for use by interested countries. It contains all the essential pieces: description of what to cover (product scope), definitions, test methods, minimum efficiency levels, and a set of common-sense minimum quality/performance requirements along with market surveillance that will help ensure consumers have a good experience (i.e., the bulb won’t fail prematurely) with LED bulbs. 

One of the fastest and cheapest ways to deliver massive carbon savings and relief to stressed electricity grids commonly found in developing and emerging economies is to shift to energy-saving LED lighting. Let’s get as many countries as possible to adopt regulations that make this a reality. By adopting these regulations, we can be assured that developing and emerging countries don’t become the dumping grounds for incandescents and halogens, or poor-quality LED bulbs.


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