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Indoor Agriculture Brand Fresh Farms of America Launching in the Las Vegas, Nevada Market

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LAS VEGAS,  Fresh Farms of America, announces today the first farm under the brand name, located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The local operation is named Vegas Fresh Farms, and is on track to serve and sell its first customers with locally grown, fresh-harvested daily produce in the dynamic market of Las Vegas, starting January, 2018.

The Fresh Farms of America brand exclusively utilizes the propriety vertical aeroponic equipment from leading R&D and equipment manufacturer Indoor Farms of America, which is headquartered in Las Vegas

The farm will provide direct access to local consumers, the freshest, most purely grown produce they can find.  The owners are committed to providing meaningful jobs to veterans and disadvantaged young adults from the community. "When we discussed how important this farm is for the local community in the area of reaching out to at-risk young people, we knew they have a great vision for this farm," states Martin.

"This new brand of indoor farm operation represents the best in the industry for farm performance, using any metric," states David Martin, CEO of Indoor Farms of America.  "Over the next month, we will announce multiple new locations of farms operating under the Fresh Farms of America brand.  This brand will quickly become the leading brand of fresh, locally grown produce, accessible by consumers in markets across the U.S. and Canada."

According to Martin, "We are putting in place what will be the nations' premiere brand of indoor farm that can operate 12 months out of the year, provide outstanding investment returns without peer, and make the strongest impact on easily accessible, locally grown food across North America."

Leading indoor agriculture R&D and manufacturer, Indoor Farms of America, has a showroom with demonstration farms operating in Las Vegas, Nevada and in multiple locations in Canada, and in South Africa, where their world class vertical aeroponic equipment is on display.


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