Latin 3D companies needing African workers?

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Why 3D Printing Is A Huge Business Opportunity For India and Africa? 

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The 3D printing industry has grown enormously over the past few years. Several sectors like aeronautics, engineering, fashion design, education, healthcare and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) have already started adapting 3D printing in their production process. 

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The outcome of the adoption of industrial 3D printing is the increased importance given to design during the initial phases of manufacturing. It is no more about just delivering a product, it is about building customizable and design-driven components to catalyze this process, something that mere traditional ways of manufacturing cannot

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The Future of Jobs in the World 4.0?

There's an App for that! The rise of apps in employment relationships?

Technology: friend or foe? 

The startup Free-D is helping human trafficking victims and underprivileged women in India obtain careers by teaching them 3D printing and design skills. The first nine-month pilot program is taking place in Mumbai, and will provide 10 women with extensive 3D printing training.

Free-D wants to offer 3D printing training workshops to vulnerable women from all walks of life, including human trafficking survivors, as well as victims of domestic violence or homelessness.

Want a job in manufacturing online? Focus on technology skills

We dont want you printing countless items - miniature ships, dinosaur skulls, vehicles and his personal favourite, planes.

But, if you need something that can't be purchased any more, you can draw it on the computer, design it and then print it.

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See this example:

Can this ingenious trash collecting robot gamify litter removal?

The idea behind gamification, a trendy term in the self-improvement world thanks to apps like Habitica and Todoist, is that people are more easily motivated when rewards can be collected for completing tasks. 

The idea of offering public access to a robot, by itself, is intriguing and likely to garner curiosity. But Urban Rivers is hoping that by gamifying the experience of collecting trash with an element of competition, it will entice do-gooders to continue coming back.

To understand a computer. Heminemo. Then read data and analyze it. It's a much different situation than we had in the past.

MLive will explore issues of economy, education and infrastructure, and what Michigan leaders need to do to create a better future?

Come on Mlive, aren't you really far of us?

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In World's First 3-D Printed Home Community, Houses will be Built in a Day for $4000

ICON, a construction company in Austin, Texas, and New Story, a non-profit focusing on housing, have come up with a 3D printer that can build move-in-ready houses for just $4000. The printer, called the Vulcan, is capable of printing a 650sqft, single-story home out of cement in 12-24 hours. And perhaps as a small way to upturn the trajectory of innovation, they are going to move the printer to Latin America, to create the world's first 3D printed community in El Salvador

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These young Ghanaians are making 3D printers from e-waste for schools

“3D printing was an avenue for us to explore in the sense that we could actually make whatever we needed in the physical realm for us to see,” he told local media Joy News.

There are many 3D printers on the market, but since this one is made from local materials and electronic waste, it is “a little bit cost-effective”, Kobina said.

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What you need to lead in the Industry 4.0

being a follower or being a leader?

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