Chinese 3D Printing businesses to African countries.

African thinkers to Chinese businesses

A physician from the Netherlands is attempting to drive to Sierra Leone in order to set up a program for 3D printing hand prostheses. 

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African entrepeneurs to Chinese companies

Greg Mark claimed that the future of metal 3D printing is in print farms

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A 3D-printed, solar-powered lab-in-a-box could change how we combat disease outbreaks

New from QUARTZ 

The desperate need for mobile labs in Africa was made clear during the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Testing for Ebola could take up to five days, as symptoms that initially presented as flu or malaria quickly turned deadly. Mobile labs sped the diagnostics process up to mere hours, but were only in place thanks to donations from foreign governments or agencies.

Now, a combination of simple carpentry, 3D-printing and sheer innovation has led to a breakthrough in medical testing in remote areas across the continent.

FieldLab is a solar-powered lab-in-a-box created by two grad students at Rhodes University in South Africa. The FieldLab can be carried like a briefcase and is designed specifically to address the constraints facing medical diagnostics in Africa: affordability, mobility and robustness.

The FieldLab’s simplicity belies its ability to handle molecular biology in harsh conditions. The portable lab’s 3D printed equipment is able to test for viruses and bacteria, testing samples in much the same way as a laboratory in a building.

The kit will cost at most less than $1,500, which is about a tenth of the cost of lab-based equipment, according to the creators.


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