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Artificial Intelligence in Africa 

New from Technology

Artificial Intelligence is not just a project for the biggest names in tech. Starting in 2018 1 million US dollars will be invested in the African AI start-up as part of the AI Revolution Challenge.

The initiative aims to promote artificial intelligence on the African continent and showcase emerging businesses and top talent working to build expertise in their countries.

A panel of seasoned investors and experts in Artificial Intelligence will offer their global and technology experience to select up to 20 start-ups to attend the final event. Finalists will be flown to South Africa in May 2018. 

Sagarmatha Technologies will provide the $1 million in development funding and more than double that in marketing value-ads and prizes to the leading African AI start-up.

“The business case for Africa is very strong and I see the continent at a tipping point if we embrace the Fourth Industrial Revolution. There are trailblazing innovators and disruptors on the continent and we hope to shine the light on these pioneering entrepreneurs,” said Lamontagne.

Applications for the challenge close on 31 March 2018.  Only companies registered and resident on the African continent may apply. Further information is available at

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