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Making Africa Great Again

Weakness in global commodity prices and an overall souring on emerging markets (EMs) by institutional investors hit Africa and other so-called “frontier markets” particularly hard; investments targeting developing countries haemorrhaged fund flows as the market took a more cautious stance to EM bellwethers such as Russia, China, Turkey and Brazil. This was compounded by strong, often record, relative performance in more familiar developed markets.

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Just as labour costs begin to creep higher in the world’s major manufacturing centres such as China and the ASEAN region, which seek to graduate to higher value medium and high tech manufacturing, Africa is in the early stages of a major demographic bulge creating tens of millions of potential labourers.

In particular, as the UNFPA and African Union point out, the populations of West and Central Africa — which share time zones and natural shipping corridors to Europe — are particularly young: almost two-thirds are under the age of 24.

Here an example (of millions) of Tech trade in Africa:

CNC laser cutting offers enormous benefits to the manufacturing industry by greatly improving production times and component accuracy, resulting in improved efficiencies and quality of manufactured items. Speaking at the commissioning of the machine last week, Sawpower managing director Ralph Stead, said the commissioning of the machine was testimony to Government's Zimbabwe is open for business narrative, which has seen several firms injecting fresh investment into operations.

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Two of Singapore’s leading maritime businesses tell how keeping it in the family has helped them steer through difficult times and prepare for the future.

PIL is not the only family-run company to have thrived in container shipping. Alphaliner's executive consultant Tan Hua Joo points to five others that ranked alongside PIL among the top 10 - Switzerland-headquartered Mediterranean Shipping Co, France's CMA CGM, Taiwan's Evergreen and Wan Hai, and Hong Kong's Orient Overseas Container Line. 

Robots will be used to move pods of merchandise in bins to points where people will begin assembling customers' orders

2017 was another record-breaking year for the robotics industry. For seven straight years now, North American robot shipments have continued their upward trend. Last year shipments were up 9 percent over the previous year.

Automotive still represents the largest sector, however, it was non-automotive that posted the most growth. Plastics and rubber (60 percent), metals (54 percent), and food and consumer goods (44 percent) were the largest growth sectors for North American robot shipments. Robotics use is diversifying into varied industries and applications. Robots are moving beyond gargantuan assembly lines to the shop floors of small and midsized companies, helping SMEs compete in a global economy.

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Some recent global movements in Africa, Russia, Asia, America, China, Europe 4.0

US-China tensions are escalating in Africa as lasers are pointed at US planes over Djibouti

US military officials have officially complained to China about using military grade lasers to distract its fighter pilots in recent weeks. Terming the event as “very serious,” the Pentagon said 10 similar incidents took place in Djibouti, where both countries operate military bases a few miles from each other. 

China’s Commercial Maritime Expansion Raises Security Concerns

China’s state-owned shipping and port-management companies have ventured far beyond the South China Sea to build a global network of ports and logistics terminals in strategic locations across the E.U., Latin America, Africa, and the Indian Ocean.

Key trends in global shipping and logistics have given rise to conditions suitable for China’s acquisition campaign. The logistics industry is becoming an integrated global system in which automated, land-based terminals play an increasingly important role in the rapid transfer of goods between ships and

the rail and road networks that feed retail distribution networks.

How China Is Buying Its Way Into Europe

Yet the line between state and private enterprises is far more blurred in China than in Europe: The Cosco group of companies, which is challenging Europe’s domination in container shipping, consists of publicly traded branches of state-owned China Ocean Shipping Group Co., and has bought stakes in, or operate in, ports from the Bosphorus to the Baltic Sea. Eight of the 10 largest acquirers we identified were state-owned or -backed, including China Investment Corp. (a sovereign wealth fund), Aluminum Corp. of China Ltd., and Silk Road Fund Co. (a sovereign wealth fund connected to China’s Belt and Road Initiative).

Making Mombasa port hub for free Africa trade

This will involve creating sufficient capacity at the facility and upgrading supportive infrastructure such as railway and roads, thereby boosting Mombasa’s potential as a transshipment port. The port will also have to lower logistical costs through enhanced efficiencies in order to attract more giant shipping lines.

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