BUILD YOUR OWN CIRCUITS, ROUTES 4.0 from China to Africa,

China and re-globalisation: Strategies for Africa

The African continent must vigorously pursue rapid industrialisation and modernisation rooted in, and driven by, beneficiation and value-addition. In dealing with China and re-globalization, it is important that we realise that there is no such thing as altruism in international relations, trade or commerce. China is no exception to this dictum. For example, beneficiation, value addition and technology transfer will have to occur in Africa without the support of the Chinese, Americans or Europeans. It is not in the interest of the rich western economies or China to promote beneficiation in Africa. Their preference is for Africa to produce and sell raw materials to them while they sell refined and value-added goods to Africa.

BUILD YOUR OWN CIRCUITS, ROUTES from China to Africa, Tapping OBOR 4.0 and Middle East role.

In Sylodium’s system as in a chain link game, bilateral trade is transferred to triangular trade and from this to circuits business that are interwoven with other circuits generating new business opportunities

You can create your own circuit, or route inside Sylodium’s system as China – Africa AI CYBERNETICS, SHENZHEN – Israel - SADC Shipping Business, SHANGHAI – Dubai - IGAD trade routes, Ningbo –Tel Aviv – Cape Town - West Africa Shipping global, China South – Middle East - Kenya Shipping 4.0, China – SAARC countries - IGAD countries, coordinated routes 4.0  

The thinking machine 4.0 to build algorithms for APPS 4.0 say that:

The cracks of innate compassionate love are as many as those of instinctive proactive love but on the other side.

Comprehensive love, coined remains.

Every phrase goes through three great avenues in the underground layer, in the visible layer and in the potential layer, and hundreds, thousands of streets and alleys interwoven by the three layers and more.

Because to conclude something interesting, you have to count on everything, and attribute the appropriate gross weight in the different moments of the whole, 50 or 133, there each one.

The judgment concluded after reflection (potential layer) always has a meaning (visible), comes to say #Kant, and in any case, three (senses), and this from the sincerity, because from the lie or half cheating, obviously, plus.

Example: when a man who is too feminist opens up generously on the channel without caring about showing his "vulnerability" to speak of tenderness,

those three true pathways are opened,

-the first avenue or first sense, in which you should not say for consistency "what is very masculine is toxic", but, "be gentle" for example,

-the second, our nature, play power will ("violence", against the excessively masculine and etc) and fear (care, caring for the other, fear of being rejected and etc) that shows that "we are tender"

- the third, the significance, to occupy specific areas from their coherence woven into the fabric of kind, inconsistent or ambiguous coherence with which they participate, by their firmness of character, by their principles, by sympathizing (sympathy comes from fear as it says # Nietzsche, comes, from bottom to top, the sympathy is not fear, obvious, and is that the upper layer and lower can be turned around by playing) and etc of the same "let's be tender"

Any sense is representable in coordinates, of course, and each proposition has at least 3 senses.

To the sincere man, even if he does not want to, the words are blown by the wind like a foot on the asphalt day after day, until two layers disappear, and the subterranean one appears, or not, by keeping firm and flexible wrist and hand.

The power to promise and promise of Adolfo Suárez, or the promise that it will not happen again (as long as he does not ask for forgiveness, a king never) like Juan Carlos one, is not available to anyone, reality is a wall of resistance where the promises are simple sperm.

So, if one wanted to sell wines to this target audience, feminist men, by "listenning"

he will not call it Apocalypse, with a slogan of the type, "wine is thought, what puts me in care" that seems aimed at neoliberals.

better to call it, Wine Thought: "the agile tenderness"

but always trying to cover the three layers, so that the meaning of the summation of the words approaches the meaning of the proposition formed by them,

to get to the heart of the grape.

With the burlesque and crude Generator Chopra (for us a respectable man).

You only get to settle the most lost of the anti do not know what,

We could also create a coarse and burlesque generator for the bullfighting, or the progressive posi, and etc

But it is inside the song of the coin, with a coarse and complete structure, where the real fabrics are revealed.

Everybody is in IoT and AI and Big Data.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing society as profoundly as the steam engine and electricity have done. AI revolution offers a unique chance to improve lives without opening up and exacerbating global inequalities.

That will require widening of the locations where AI is done. The vast majority of experts are in North America, Europe and Asia. Africa, in particular, is barely represented. Such lack of diversity can entrench unintended algorithmic biases and build discrimination into AI products. Fewer African AI researchers and engineers means fewer opportunities to use AI to improve the lives of Africans. The research community is also missing out on talented individuals simply because they have not received the right education.

Africa sees development aid; China sees an expanding African database

Western sources sometimes see Chinese investment in Africa as an unalloyed benefit:

Western critics say that China’s activities in Africa are saddling countries with more debt that they can ever repay, while carting away minerals and other resources. But supporters say that China has brought expertise on important development issues and has a much better sense than Western nations of the challenges involved in raising standards of living.

In the arena of research and development, China has concentrated on three main areas in Africa: information technology, agriculture and education. China would like to increase trade or where it sees benefits for its own companies.

There are many obstacles to an AI researcher from Africa making it into the global community. At a 2016 conference in Barcelona, Spain, attended by more than 5,000 people, I was one of fewer than 10 black people. In response, I co-founded Black in AI. It is now a thriving community of more than 1,000 students, researchers and AI enthusiasts ready to share ideas and foster collaboration to increase representation of black people. Despite the support, many of us still have trouble making it to conferences. I have had papers accepted at meetings but been unable to attend because Western countries such as Australia denied me a visa, even though I was already settled and working professionally in Europe.

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