Middle East's Projects 4.0 to Africa

African SUVs people with Arab and Chinese funds. 

Africa to Middle East, Middle East to Africa, Africa to China, China to Africa Industry 4.0 (projects 4.0 about AI Heminemetics and IoT /IIoT - Logometry)

“win win in proportion” . 4.0 businesses. BCB: beneficial circuits businesses between Middle East, China towards Africa and why not viceversa?.

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A point to tap (the Belt & Road)

The belt and road trade and infrastructure plan, announced by Xi in 2013, is a loosely defined umbrella for Chinese-built or -financed projects across 65 countries from the South Pacific through Asia to Africa and Europe

A point to take in account (not charity but business)

Africa Heartwood Project has helped hundreds of cultural artisans and vendors in Ghana, Ivory Coast, Mali, Guinea, and Senegal to become self-sufficient in their chosen trade. This is not a charitable hand-out that encourages dependence, but rather it is a hand-up that preserves dignity and encourages self-reliance. As artisans and venders are supported in making and marketing their crafts entire villages also benefit.

African entrepeneurs to Chinese and Middle East Investors.

Africa will account for 17% of forecast expenditure over 2017-2021 in Subsea Hardware. Despite the fall in oil prices, which has weakened investment in traditional subsea development areas in Africa such as Nigeria and Angola, fasttrack development of Eni’s Zohr field and BP’s development of West Nile Delta Phase II has supported new investment in the region in recent years. The commitment of various stakeholders to develop the large gas reserves in the East African basin will support activity in the region in the latter years of the forecast period. Expected investment offshore Senegal and Mauritania will also contribute to the forecast recovery in expenditure in the region over the 2017-2021 period. 

" Your import-export business in Internet's guts"

Our logical business system, allows you to segment your target markets to be seen, and dominate the bilateral trade niches you choose from China and Latam to Africa.

African Development Bank approves billions for renewable energy projects in Africa

CAPE TOWN - Over R4.4 billion has been approved by the African Development Bank to support Morocco and Côte d’Ivoire's renewable energy projects.

These projects are expected to increase power supply and contribute towards the economic growth of their countries.

According to AfDB's statement, more than 600 million people in the African continent do not have access to electricity. 

This has led the group to scale up investments in energy with the aspirational goal of achieving universal access to energy in Africa by 2025.

Meanwhile, South Africa's energy mix is dominated by coal, but the government has set a target of 17 800MW of renewable energy power by 2030.

The country's renewable energy market has grown rapidly over the last five years and there is rising demand for renewables debt. It is evident that the country is also shifting towards renewable energy sources as the central African countries do.

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