Russia Reefer Trade 4.0 to Africa

African dealing with Russian and Chinese Reefer companies 4.0.

Reefer shipping carrier Africa Express Line (AEL) has placed an order with Maersk’s container manufacturing arm, MCI, for 500 StarCool reefer boxes.

The new units will be equipped with controlled atmosphere (CA) and remote container monitoring (RCM) technology

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African entrepeneurs to Chinese and Russian companies 4.0

Grapes from the Orange River region and Namibia, as well as the Northern Region (Limpopo and Mpumalanga), make up the 4,300 pallets on board Swedish shipping company Cool Carrier’s specialized reefer vessel, the Wild Cosmos

smarter ways of surveillance, energy consumption reporting, better interfaces etc.

reefer energy metre to give the container lines a transparent way  to see the kWh that the reefer uses at the terminal

PTI (Pre-Trip-Inspection) to check if the machine is functioning correctly,etc 

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Africa Express Line orders 500 hi-tech StarCool reefers from Maersk

New from The Cool Star.

AEL is the logistics subsidiary of France-based Compagnie Fruitiere, a highly integrated fruit production operation that controls virtually every step of its supply chain, from production through to delivery to customers in Europe and West Africa. It operates two services connecting West Africa with North Europe and the Mediterranean.

According to, its owner, Bernard Schulte, chartered the vessel to AEL at a rate of $11,500 a day for a year. It will take delivery of the 500 new reefer units from MCI’s production plant in Qingdao.

MCI chief commercial officer Soren Johannsen said: “We have a long-standing relationship with AEL and we are delighted that they again have chosen to add the most efficient container model.

“The integrated Star Cool 2017 model provides a whole suite of new efficiency-enhancing features to support the needs of modern container operations – from monitoring and controlling the atmospheric conditions on the inside of the container to digitalised solutions that allow for transparency and expanded data access.”

The “digitalised solutions” include an meter that measures energy either manually or via AEL’s full modem coverage, and the intelligent trip inspection (ITI) system now standard in Star Cool reefers.

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