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Digitalization changes all areas of life: the way we stay informed, the way we travel, the way we buy things and the way we manufacture products, from cars to cookies to cream. The massive power of digitalization – the great opportunities and great risks – is changing business models daily. As such, the pace of an enterprise’s innovation and the willingness and ability to change are key success factors.

Remote container management piggybacks on micro-controllers built into a reefer unit. These micro-controllers, with their probes and sensors, monitor and control a modern-day reefer, insuring not only temperature, but humidity and atmosphere are at optimal levels. 

However, Investment in port infrastructure to support swelling reefer trade comes at a price,

For example, In Chile, while exporters do seek to minimise dwell times of reefers in the port, they are not necessarily driven by energy costs per se; rather they wait until the last possible moment to send cargo to the terminal, which is then dispatched in the largest possible consignment size.

“In recent years, we have seen changes in the ways that reefer containers are handled, both in terms of existing refrigeration technology and in the way that information about them is registered and tracked. We now have manual scanners that allow the exporter to have information about the state of the reefer in real time,

those in the industry say that it’s far better to know about a problematic container when it’s at sea than having a nasty surprise two weeks later when the consignee opens a reefer and discovers a load of rotten fruit. “It’s a means to an end,”

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Tools employed for digitalization differ by business and vary from one type of manufacturer to another. But another differentiator is how well enterprises process the data about their operations. Data is only valuable when it is actionable, just as digital transformation is only realized by taking the first step into Industry 4.0.

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The Future of Jobs in the World 4.0?

Ensuring a blooming future for Africa’s flower industry

It is worth mentioning here that the cut flower industry in Africa, particularly in Kenya and Ethiopia, has flourished rapidly in the past few years, as Netherlands- traditionally the center of production for the European floral market, shifted its attention towards flower trading instead of production. This has brought focus on Africa, the next nearest region to European countries that produces flowers in huge quantity for trade

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China – Africa shipping 4.0


The tangible concept behind OBOR is to build an extensive network of infrastructure – including railways, roads, pipelines, and utility grids – that help link China to the rest of Asia, as well as Africa and Europe.

China now has a 99-year lease on the asset – quite useful, since it happens to be right in the middle of one of China’s most important shipping lanes to Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.

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By the time of it’s estimated completion in 2049, OBOR will stretch from the edge of East Asia all the way to East Africa and Central Europe, and it will impact a lengthy list of countries that account for 62% of the world’s population and 40% of its economic output.

Visualizing China’s Most Ambitious Megaproject

China – Latin America Shipping Routes

Yidu Group Pioneers New Model for Chile to China Fresh Fruit Shipment

They were gathered to mark the pioneering nature of this shipment of Chilean plums, nectarines, cherries, blueberries and table grapes. It is the first time multiple Chilean producers have banded together to send an ocean shipment "charter" style, where an entire reefer vessel is filled only with fruit and sails directly from Chile to China without making any other port calls, thus cutting several days off the shipping time.

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transporting Chilean fruit to China by air freight and standard ocean container shipping. But the added risk and complexity of this style of shipping fruit from Chile to China also comes with advantages

compared to normal containerized shipping, using this type of reefer ship provides much better temperature and humidity conditions 

EU – AFRICA fresh Trade

11 transformers for Morocco shipped via port of Casablanca

Cargo handler Ipsen Logistics has announced it has transported several out-sized transformers from Europe to Morocco.

Ipsen Logistics has launched a new weekly trucking line for reefer groupage / LTL  from Europe to Morocco too

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Digitalization, in short, means optimizing business processes through the adoption of a host of new digital technologies – big data analytics, IT/OT convergence, digital twin, artificial intelligence, even 3D printing and robotics. Elements of digitalization (or digital transformation or Industry 4.0) are applicable across industry and manufacturing, including food & beverage

Africa has enjoyed global attention from peers over its blooming flower industry throughout the past decade. However, only volumes won’t ensure a bright future towards EU, but an efficient and sufficient supply chain would decide its fate. It is high time for Africa to take some decisive decisions on expanding global footprints, technologies as well as experimenting with newer trade routes towards EU, China, and rest of the world to ensure a sustainable business

Reefer industry is increasing without the old reefer shiops but with the reefer container. For ex.:

The average reefer container rate has quadrupled after reaching a low point 1-2 years ago, confirms a new analysis from Dynamar, which notes that a Russian carrier finished first among the specialized reefer operators ahead of Seatrade.

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As the operator of the world’s largest fleet of dedicated, refrigerated cargo vessels, and having long been the industry’s most active proponent of the pallet-friendly, specialist reefership mode for deep-sea, temperature-controlled goods transportation, the Seatrade Group’s investment in fully-containerised tonnage is a seminal development.

Not wanting to rest on its laurels, Rasmussen is already looking at what the next steps in IoT technology will be, particularly when it comes to the RCM’s batteries.

What you need to lead in the Industry 4.0

being a follower or being a leader?

Reefer delight: How Maersk Line uses IoT on the open seas

Rasmussen is head of the company’s Remote Container Management (RCM) system that uses the internet of things (IoT) to keep a track of containers, but specifically refrigerated containers.

Seatrade is investing in more than 6,000 new reefer containers, associated machinery and remote monitoring systems in support of its drive into the container market. Last year, the group announced that Maersk Container Industry 4.0 had been contracted to supply 4 k Star Cool integrated reefers, fitted with auto ventilation. 

This all changed five years ago, when the company began formulating plans for its RCM technology that would connect each of its reefer containers to IoT.

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