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Companies like Ursa Space Systems Inc. and Orbital Insight Inc. are using satellites to try to shed light on tightly held secrets in the commodity trading world, from coal mine productivity to crude oil storage.

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Satellites Are Reshaping How Traders Track Earthly Commodities

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A lump of coal is scooped onto a truck bed in Australia, driven to a port, loaded on a ship, piloted across the ocean to a dock in China, piled into a train car and delivered to a power plant. And it would all happen under the watchful eyes of coal traders, if a fleet of new satellite tracking firms can deliver on ambitious promises.

“If” is the big question. While satellite data is used to gauge U.S. oil stockpiles, the reliability of the data in other corners of the commodity world is less clear. In China, satellite data can add value because the country doesn’t regularly report strategic petroleum reserve levels, but the technology also has drawbacks, according to Jefferies Group LLC analyst Laban Yu.

“You can use geospatial analytics to help establish supply chain links, but it also requires good old-fashioned, hard-core research to facilitate that,” O’Brien said in an interview in Tokyo. “You can’t see inside a silo but you can see the number of trucks parked right next to it.”

Still, the possibilities are exciting. Spire Global Inc., which uses its own satellite constellation system to track the location of ships, followed a handful of vessels off the coast of New England and found their activity, along with water temperatures, may offer a proxy for lobster price fluctuations. San Francisco-based SpaceKnow Inc. measures activity at more than 80 coal mines in China and also has coal indexes for Australia, South Africa, Chile and India.

“In places like China and India, data can be inaccurate or very slow to come out, so it’s not actionable intelligence,” James said. “Now you’re getting ahead of the curve in terms of when the official data comes out. It’s more than just a level playing field, it’s a global advantage to anyone who’s able to process this data.”



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