Africans networkings with Chinese.

China-Africa cooperation a ‘win-win’ in proportion?

China's investments and trade in Africa have increased steadily over the past decade and while many have questioned China's intensions for the developing continent, it is becoming increasingly clear that China's motives are quite benevolent. The Asian giant is currently feeling the pangs of its interdependency with its largest trading partner as the latter is waging a bitter trade war in a bid to tame China's growth. It all makes complete sense now why a prosperous Africa is in China's best interest while a poor Africa remains ideal for the West.

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‍2018 ushered in a new chapter in China-Africa cooperation during a time of great uncertainty. 

The seventh summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) in Beijing this September boasted nearly universal attendance of Africa's state leaders, and expanded Sino-African collaboration beyond agriculture and industry to media, healthcare, anti-terrorism, anti-corruption and immigration. 

These extensive relationships demonstrate the growing importance of cross-continental multilateral ties, while divisive rhetoric rages on elsewhere in the world.  

Many African countries gained their independence after World War II but failed to develop their economies well enough to sustain their ever growing populations. Scholars in and around the continent have pointed fingers at African leaders for the problems while ignoring an underlying sinister neo-colonial system that has continued to feed Western economies while starving Africans.

China: Mauritius – The Gate For Chinese Investment Into Africa

The data published by the Mauritius central bank and central statistics bureau in April shows that in 2016 China is the second largest foreign investor in (US128 million from France) and the largest exporter to (17.7%) Mauritius.

In the same period, China's investment into the African continent reaches US149.12 billion; US56.8 billion is the import from Africa to China.

It is hard to track how much of the investment and trade between China and Africa went through Mauritius; however, entrepreneurs in Mauritius, other states of Africa and China need to give much more consideration about how to utilize Mauritius as a hub for such huge investment and trade.

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Tech sector could be next Chinese target investment in Africa

There is a general trend of decreasing foreign direct investment (FDI) in Africa. It fell by nearly 21 per cent in 2017, and a portion of that can be attributed to a reduction in Chinese FDI on the continent.

This differential is even starker considering that China emerged so quickly as a key stakeholder in Africa; China issued an estimated $94.4 billion dollars in loans to finance more than 3,000 infrastructure projects across African between 2000 and 2015.

In the run up to the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) this month, African leaders in both the public and private sectors were holding their breath to see what President Xi would deliver. FOCAC is perceived as the most comprehensive platform for collective dialogue and cooperation between China and African countries.

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The thinking machine 4.0, the APPS of the future.

PINTIGEDIA: each ONE does what they can and the rest of persons leave. (person, take, grab, ask)

REXIOLOGY: see yourself watching while you (and we) see each other.

BRINSEMIA: there are immovable words. Meanings jump.

SYLODIUM: the third parties of the third parties also play.

CRITAXIS: each system is a simple focus.

HESTIDOLIA: That will be your story crossed with other stories

HEMINEMETICS: comparison of the réflex, progressus, regressus.

LOGOMETRY: verb tenses are conjugated as prepositions are shown, with a "from to" in 3D.

Globalization 4.0 for Whom?

AVOS – Imagine a world in which women and girls have their rights respected, climate change receives the attention it so urgently requires, and poverty has been eliminated. Never before have we had the means that we have now to make this vision a reality. In Africa, for example, I am excited to see how off-grid solar energy is expanding rapidly. In Kenya, mobile banking has significantly improved financial inclusion, particularly for poor women. 

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These and other technologies associated with the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) have the potential to boost productivity, incomes, and leisure time for workers, while also decarbonizing our economies and freeing women from the hold of unremunerated care work. But, to realize this potential, we will have to adopt an entirely new approach to globalization.


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