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OBOR 4.0

In a period of three decades, China has transformed from an agricultural, self-contained and inward looking state into a global economic capital second only to the United States (Cheung & Lee, 2015). In line with her growing stature in the international system, China has sought to exert influence on the global stage, from Latin America, Middle East, South East Asia, to Africa. One way of achieving this and as part of China’s „global grand strategy‟ is the 21st Century Silk Road Economic Belt Initiative, informally known as One Belt, One Road‟. In the same vain, Sino-African relations have grown exponentially since the 1955Bandung conference.

This is essentially, one goal of OBOR. In essence, through OBOR, china’s vision of a new modernity, characterized by free flowing ideas, goods, services and people to people engagement, and that shared economic future, common prosperity, would replace doubt, competition and power play. The Belt Road Initiative and the new regional order‟ that Beijing is using new ideas like „China dream‟ and„ Asian dream‟ to build what Chinese leaders call a „community of shared destiny.‟ this community begins in Asia which China at the epicenter, and would gradually aim to conquer the global order. This is the gist of china’s new vision of global governance to replace the Western fronted status. Compared to the US, UK, Germany and Japan, China has less soft power abilities in Africa.

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Essentially, the „belt‟ is comprised of a network of roads, rails, power grids and gas pipelines that run over land from Central China in Xi‟an, the capital of Shanxi Province through Central Asia, to Moscow, Rotterdam and Venice. This corporation of infrastructural projects will consequently pass through a number of countries. The Maritime Silk Road on the other hand is its oceanic counterpart. This involves the construction of a network of sea ports in the South China Sea, Indian Ocean and the South Pacific Ocean. It will essentially connect South East Asia, Oceania, East Africa and North Africa through the Mediterranean. the essential pillars of the initiative are „promotion of policy coordination, facilitating connectivity, unhindered trade, financial integration people-to-people bonds and the African section of the belt and road is of concern for this article. It covers three countries; Kenya, Djibouti and Egypt.

Clevalence for businessmen, criteria to be part of Sylodium’s team using our, your, thinking machine.

Manage our spherical scale of weighing or thinking, hinge of two cones, one above whose peak is the projection of the "himself", and the other below, whose vertex is the behavior, the "oneself" thrown into the world.

As the fact that to think is to weigh, in the axes of the spherical balance navigate experiences, intentions, principles, convictions, memories, decisions, etc, and weigh it down, redistribute everything cubically, ensuring that the "himself" decide and govern to a greater or lesser extent about the "oneself thrown” in each action.

The Thinking machine

the 11Vir (11 monads) are crossed with the 8U (8 ellipses): Here Braumenty (Monad number 8)


X1 Self-study, study, Surrounding World, GROUPS, Masses, mirror games, RFT MIRRORS, Braid, intentions. X2 To people!! for their 5, or 6 monads etc. horizons, consciences, forcing Qs, X3 to things! Ambition > Vanity (always). X4 Concentric evolution, Monads in the RR, loose threads, Cubes, Tubes, #Clevalencia (monad 5), #Simentaxis ... X5 MVM, New group class


Y1 Concentration. Universal. Is eidetic reduction possible without something? Yes, with something invented. Y2 Pre-delineate, Horizons, potentialities. Y3 Games to make see thanks to who you did see or make you see. Y4 LINSEIDANCE: Harmony and / or monadic confrontation, Movement of the crosses inside the cube. A.M Y5 Understand CONCENTRically and spirally. multiple way


z1 MMV, MVM, MVV. Multiple Metaforical Virus – Multiple Violent Meditations –Multiple Viral Videos. Z2 Phenomenology, Logic, Psychology, Anthropology. Hermeneutics. Cybernetics. Z3 Roots, rooted, rooted, true, possible, impossible, proper, improper, in one, in the other. Z4 Jews, Chinese, Latinos, Africans see ourselves seeing ourselves within the world and our surrounding worlds in our worlds in the world. WiWiWiW. Z5 Build (self) and go (self) while seeing in "registering". 

Everybody is in FIR

Industry 4.0 a tipping point for Africa's wealth gap

Innovator and futurist Stafford Masie says the correct way to think about AI is to understand that, in future, many AIs will combine and collaborate to change the way we operate in the world.

"Humans today are being augmented, not just connected," he says, and adds, "...harnessing the latent human capital outside the firewall in the context of your organisation..." will be the biggest challenge for commercial and government organisations.

He says people are afraid they will lose jobs to these new technologies. People should gladly relinquish their mundane, labour-intensive jobs to machines so they can improve their lot. "Humans have a higher calling," he says. "People hate their jobs, but [most of them] are trapped doing what a machine can do better."

Geopolitical significance: The automation of the Russian military is well under way. And it points to a different way that autonomous machines might emerge in military uses. Instead of deploying “killer robots” from the get-go, nations could start automating logistical and supportive roles first.

For example, in Israel, a senior general has said that by 2030, one-third of all ground forces will be unmanned. Most of these vehicles are likely to be transport and patrol vehicles.

BizTrends2018: The rise of AI and gamification in in-transit advertising

Industry 4.0 ‘blind spot’

“Having been in this space for 35 years, I’ve seen how the simple act of manipulation, which we take for granted, is a nontrivial problem,” Akella said. “The only place where I’ve seen a lights-out plant work is a FANUC plant at the base of Mt. Fuji.”

“I’ve had conversations with executives at many manufacturers,” he said. “Even if you read all the Industry 4.0 materials coming out of the German federal government, plus marketing materials and VC portfolios, you’ll see that all of this effort is for keeping track of machines.”

“There are more than 1.5 million robots in the world, according to the International Federation of Robotics,” noted Akella. “Suppliers are producing 250,000 to 500,000 per year, but contrast that with the fact that [according to Goldman Sachs Research] there are about 340 million humans on the line.”

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