What could you offer in China – Africa cooperation?

You could TAP OBOR 4.0 towards Africa via Triangular Trade and barter in all their routes via new Sylodium.

Xi Says China-Africa Cooperation To Go ‘Hand In Hand’ Over Coming Years

Your Excellency President Marta Mollah Cyril Ramaphosa Excellency President Macky Sall a friends from the press. Ladies and gentlemen good afternoon. It is a pleasure to meet you on the show. First of all it is a pleasure to announce that the 2018 Beijing some of the folk Hogge has just successfully concluded in the past two days leaders of Folketing members gathered in Beijing on the theme of China and Africa towards an even stronger community with a Shared Future mention her or her revealed implementation or the outcomes of the 2015 on things that are far discussed plans for future growth of China relations and draw the blueprint for China foreign operation to go ahead. While the summit showed that the Beijing liberation toward an even stronger China Africa community a shared future which embodies the agreement reached between China and Africa on major international issues and sends out a strong message that China and Africa will go hunting for years to come this summer.

China’s Belt and Road poised to transform the Earth, but at what cost?

President Donald Trump second guessed himself this month, as he announced a decision to revisit his withdrawal of the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), one of the first acts of his controversial presidency.

The agreement, already signed by 11 states, would eliminate 98 percent of tariffs in a Pacific marketplace worth close to $14 trillion, even as Trump aims U.S. tariffs at Asia. TPP nations have already indicated that they won’t be jumping to let Trump and the United States back into the game.

This means not only that trade and investment barriers between the U.S. and the 11 TPP states will likely remain in place, but also that the Asian economic vacuum left by the U.S. will be filled by another nation. And that nation is most certain to be China, which, while not a TPP member, boasts total geographical dominance, a 1.4 billion population, soaring economic growth, and a seemingly unquenchable thirst for its neighbors natural resources.

You can create your own circuit, APP, route inside Sylodium’s system combining bilateral trade in triangular relations as China – Israel - Africa Barter:

Guangzhou – Singapore - SACU Shipping Business, Keifang – Guangzhou – Tel Aviv - IGAD AI, Shanghai – Nairobi – Rest of East Africa gamification 4.0, Keifang – Cape Town - Nigeria HR4.0, Beijing – Israel - South Africa Barter Trade, China – Philippines - West Africa APPS 4.0., Shanghai – Guangzhou - SADC AI- IoT-IIoT, Hong Kong – Middle East - EEAC START UPS APPS 4.0.

Kenya president urges rebalance of China-Africa trade

“As with any country, the . . . trade deficit is an issue of concern and we will be pushing to see how we can increase opportunities for Kenyan goods to penetrate the Chinese market,” Mr Kenyatta said in an interview with the Financial Times. He did not specify which goods Kenya hoped to export or precisely what Chinese barriers stood in the way. Kenya, east Africa’s most developed economy, is less dependent on commodities than many countries on the continent and grew by nearly 6 per cent last year. Nevertheless, in 2015, Kenya imported $5.9bn worth of Chinese goods, much of it steel and equipment for a $4bn Chinese-built railway, but shipped only $99m of goods in return, according to Cari. 

Everybody is in Industry 4.0

Africa 4.0: A New Digital Dawn for the World's Less-Developed Region

Worldwide, there is a rush to acquire and tap the potential of data and Africa is no exception. Speaking at the Thomson Reuters Africa Summit, an annual forum exploring the opportunities that exist in Africa, Lee Naik, Chief Executive of the African operations of TransUnion, an international credit reporting agency, said: "The ability to harness data will come to define real value and impact. Data should be seen as today's new currency and companies must start thinking about being data organisations first and foremost.

"It's not so much a question of acquiring data, though, but more as to how it's applied to provide solutions, with its worth being defined by its application – social, environmental or economic. Data, for instance, could help predict where a drought might occur in sub-Saharan Africa or could be applied to help improve public-sector service delivery. If value is seen as the new money, then those organisations in Africa that can harness data to solve societal problems and provide value – in areas such as healthcare, education or the workplace – will be one step ahead."

The thinking Machine about soul, spirit and mind to act in businesses.

The shape of the forms:

deep drum:

the soul.

A crude is recreated in "the heat of the blood" that "dries the glasses" while

a very fine thread is passing under the wounded tissue by an eagle that in glorious flight is germinating "an idea with force" "bathed in blood" "by battlefield" "in paintings of war", 

Cold blood in a burning heart, there is no other, but .....

What greater Purity than the delivery "in body and soul" "to life" "by blood and fire"?

What greater Purity than the overflowing Passion at each step of the bull of the heart leaving by the mouth to hold it in public and to burst it in private screaming of pain or happiness for its onslaught of rage, love and nobility that in generous and excessive struggle for what we desire and crave?

What do you neither crave nor desire?

Do you want me dead?

Yes, no: shut up!

the most bloody rejoices in his blood while

the finest thread passes just below

sewing the open tissue. 

Drawings, calculations and paintings in cross, in mind

Ties in braid on the rise, in spirit

Drums of war, the form of the forms, in the soul.

Cold blood and burning heart dripping fire to the ball of consciousness,

up to the mouth.

Rest little bull, rest well, even if you kick my heart.

shut up


Artificial Intelligence in the era of Industry 4.0

Robotic Manufacturing Processes: As industrial robots enter the production floor, the human-robot collaboration will have to be efficient and safe. AI will be the core in enabling robots to handle more cognitive tasks whilst making autonomous decisions based on real-time environmental data. This will enhance process efficiencies and create a seamless human-robot blended process.

AI is dependent on data – tons of it with most of them coming in from multitudes of sensors tracking operating conditions and performance of factory tooling, learning to predict breakdowns and malfunctions, and taking or recommending preemptive actions.

Much of the data will come from sensors embedded in the processing equipment not only at the factory but also at suppliers’ facilities, tracking parts inventories and other front-end inputs and monitoring product-quality issues at distributor locations or retail outlets.

Construction of Quazyxo System via Sylodium, heminemetics, Critaxis…

In Sylodium: our coming new Language: Logometry, for computers and for a global computer (total wrap) via Heminemetics, Critaxis, and Rexiology and the Quatresymvix system, is currently the unique way for a real and global Artificial Inteligence.

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