China – Africa in Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Are you in China – Africa 4.0?

If you are, you must know that we will dominate the virtual market between China and Africa related to industry 4.0. (we are close to be the leaders today)

Then, you, Africans or Chinese, you can make money with us, dominating the market between China and Africa in general on the Internet (virtually) while you dominate concrete matters.

The Appendices, niches, routes, circuits feed the matrix and the matrix feed them.

Once this objective has been achieved, from which multiple collateral objectives, networks, appendices will emerge (with greater or lesser development) we will go for the next step: to dominate on the Internet, commercial relations with Africa, the rest of the world.

Finally, still talking about the virtual, without entering in the reality, we will go for all bilateral trade.

The Appendices will feed the matrix and the matrix will feed the appendices.

What is an Appendix? for example, any niche is likely to become an APP of interest.


 XIAN – Southern Africa VIRTUAL INTELLIGENCE , NINGBO – West Africa FIR, Qingdao – Nigeria FIR , China South – South Africa Export FIR, China – West Africa VIRTUAL INTELLIGENCE.

Once conquered between all of us the bliateral commerce in Internet.

The AI (heminemetics), the global IoT (Rexiology) will be our objectives.

In the derivations and integrations in the network of networks there is no end 

If you are in future business, specially between China and Africa, you can be part of our CRYPTOCURRENCY

The UNO is the currency where the American pay 1$ and the Nigerian pay 1 Naira. etc

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At the opening of Travelport Live in Bangkok earlier this month, Ananth Krishnan, chief technology officer at Tata Consultancy Services, spoke about how an Industry 4.0 world was emerging, driven by cloud, automation and AI, and how Business FIR companies were defined by three characteristics. 

Government’s bold plan to improve maths and science at schools

Maths and science graduates could be forced to undergo mandatory community service by teaching these subjects at government schools, under a new draft proposal.

Science and Technology minister Mmamoloko Kubayi-Ngubane told the paper that she hoped the proposal would encourage graduates to give back to the community and even join the teaching profession permanently. 

For example, Rexiology of China – Africa Tech.

Axis X – Our Ontology 

x1 Essence: Developing new Techs.

x2 Subjects African importers, CHinese exporters.

x3 FACTS. Owning business niche, routes, circuit businesses. 

x4 Phenomena – Make money with your participation, proposals, ideas…

x5 New Class – Ideas mean money.

Axis Z. Our Potentiality 

z1 Ideas of ideas. 

z2 Categories: AI, IoT, IIoT, 3D, Software 4.0 

z3 Entities: Maths 4.0 Computers 4.0 People 4.0 

z4 Here and now. 

z5 History: Eternal Return.

Axis Y. Our Reality

y1 Nature – Crossing system, and interwoven monads.

y2 Principles – Order towards sense. 

y3 Rules – Win win in proportion.

y4 Webs inside WEBS. Appendixes,

y5 New APP: Metaforical Virus inside Institutions and big companies. 

ASIA – Europe - Africa FIR.

Xi Jinping heads to Africa to clinch China's hold over the continent

China is Africa's largest trading partner, overtaking the United States nearly a decade ago. Bilateral trade reached a record-high of $220 billion in 2014, official statistics show.

Chinese leaders have always made a point of visiting African nations regularly and early during their time in power. When he assumed the presidency in 2013, Xi also chose Africa as part of his maiden journey abroad and went on to visit the continent two more times during his first term.

China's interest in Africa isn't just about trade, the continent also provides a large amount of raw materials which China couldn't get otherwise, while also acting as a pro-China political bloc at the United Nations.


You can create your own circuit, or route inside Sylodium’s system as China – Africa FIR, XIAN – Singapore - Southern Africa shipping business, NINGBO – Dubai - West Africa trading INDUSTRY FIR, Qingdao –Nairobi – Cape Town - Nigeria shipping APPS FIR items, China South – Middle East - South Africa APPS Ideas 4.0, China – India - West Africa import export APPS 4.0. 

Q&A: Science in Senegal to benefit from NASA mission

A mission of 40 NASA scientists is heading to Senegal at the start of August, to help with the planning for the final stage the New Horizons space mission to observe the outer planets. It will also strengthen science in the country, says David Baratoux, the chairman of the African Initiative for Planetary and Space Sciences.

China’s investment in West Africa challenges France for business in its former colonies

The way of thinking of African leaders changed considerably after they saw they could access a range of services, including financial services, that weren’t available previously and gave them the freedom to set their own terms,” said Thierry Pairault, a senior China analyst at the Paris-based School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences.


Trade Ideas related with INDUSTRY 4.0. Are you there yet?

Vietnam’s PM pledges to realise Industry 4.0 opportunities

Another important solution would be to promote international co-operation to access industry 4.0; actively study and update the world development trends and experiences; enhance the information connection of science and technology and deepen co-operation with countries, international organisations and multinational corporations.

Also speaking at the event, Minister of Science and Technology Chu Ngọc Anh stressed that the impacts of Industry 4.0 on the country’s society and economy were becoming more and more visible, requiring the Government and business circle of Việt Nam to adopt strong reforms to cope with both positive and negative effects.


inside Sylodium’s system as China – Africa 4.0, Ningbo – Southern Africa APPS 4.0 , XIAN – East Africa APPS 4.0, Hong Kong – Nigeria APPS 4.0, Qingdao – South Africa APPS IDEAS 4.0, China – East Africa APPS 4.0.

Industry 4.0 in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

Using Virtual intelligence (AI) or machine learning, machines can even use these data to improve processes without human intervention, although how to use AI in a regulated, GMP-compliant space is yet to be resolved. In fact, in many cases, the bio/pharma industry is still transitioning from manual systems to automation 

In Sylodium, the VIRTUAL INTELLIGENCE and Global trade are linked here in Sylodium via Heminemetics, Logometry, and Rexiology will do it in the unique way can be do it in a global sense.

Make business with Chinese companies with African countries but about "Reasonable and useful TRADE IDEAS for VIRTUAL INTELLIGENCE"


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