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China’s Belt and Road poised to transform the Earth?

With its withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and its embrace of international trade tariffs, the Trump administration has pulled back from the U.S. commitment to, and once powerful position in, the Asian sphere of influence.

China is aggressively working to fill that void. One of its key strategies for leveraging its economic and geopolitical power is the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), a nearly trillion dollar transportation and energy infrastructure construction juggernaut – a vast program launched in 2013 and not due for completion until 2049.

The potential environmental impacts of the mega-construction program could be severe, warn analysts. China has committed to BRI environmental and sustainability standards, at least on paper, but the sheer size of the initiative, along with China’s past environmental record and its autocratic institutions, are cause for deep concern.

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Guangzhou – Singapore - SACU Shipping Business, Keifang – Dubai - IGAD trade routes, Shanghai – Nairobi – Cape Town - West Africa Shipping global, China – Middle West - Kenya Shipping 4.0. Hong Kong – India - IGAD coordinated routes 4.0.

 the Limitations of China’s Soft Power?

In recent years, China has stepped up its soft power offensive in South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Central Asia, among other regions of the globe. About two months ago, The Economist chronicled Beijing’s soft power boom, in a lengthy story that examined the ways in which China attempts to bolster its softer types of influence. As The Economist noted, China is now spending around $10 billion per year on a plan to boost its global soft power, according to an estimate by David Shambaugh of George Washington University. This effort includes plans to expand China’s foreign-language media abroad, create more Confucius Institutes and foster educational exchanges, boost aid outflows, sponsor cultural festivals abroad, and generally try to portray Beijing today as a defender of the international order, trade, and globalization.

India, USA, Australia, Japan : alternative to China's OBOR?

Notably, India was the first country to object to One Belt One Road, part of which passes through the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. India has said that the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) violates India's sovereignty. In 2017, India had skipped China's OBOR summit held in Beijing

Isn’t everybody is in FIR?

Africa 4.0:

Ahead of a series of workshops and discussions in Cape Town this month that will be hosted by Thomson Reuters, this article and accompanying presentation seek to share some of the views we have heard during multiple discussions around the world. It first looks at some of the key Industry 4.0 changes that are emerging. It then asks where and how they may impact Africa in the future and what, given the shifts taking place, are some of the key challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. By no means complete in its analysis this initial perspective is intended as a stimulus for further debate. If you have any views, comments or other feedback on this, please do share and lets us know so we can refine, improve and enrich for a second version in November. 

Mobile Money: Mobile-enabled digital cash transfer technology has become big business across Africa in the past 10 years. Essentially, it enfranchises both the continent's unbanked and those working in the informal economy. M-Pesa, for instance, a 2007-launched mobile-phone-based money transfer, financing and microfinancing service, now has six million users in Kenya alone.

While, at the most superficial level, mobile money allows smartphone users to send or receive payments, it actually does far more than that. In Kenya, it already underpins much of its economic activity – from banking to credit scoring – with about US$40 billion worth of transactions conducted via various mobile-money platforms each year.

IN Syodium, you can be part of our REVOLUTIONARY CRYPTOCURRENCY playing in the global contest game;

UNO, where you own the new land, and you can play, barter, sell, buy, get alliances, build franchise, build your own BCB (beneficial circuit business), create you own Business Game

The thinking Machine about registration of our activity to act in businesses.

The Tripolantula requires us to carry a biographical calendar, another fifteen year old (without adolescence), another five year old, and the usual ones, the annual, monthly, weekly, and daily.

The surprise, in the singular, of the week, I do not think it will resist even in the annual calendar,

And of the daily worries, it would be necessary to throw of (not throw to) chronometer,

Anyway, the 7 calendars that are recorded in spiral, each time are a point more alien, and a point less personal, but still, very personal.

If tomorrow a crane falls on your head, the spiral resolves the 7 calendars at a stroke. 

Artificial Intelligence in the era of Industry 4.0

The most important consideration is Securely Connect, Extract, and Manage Data that feeds into the Machine learning algorithms keeping the motions of machine comprehension churning thereby building manufacturing values, that are questioning beliefs that have stood the test of time ever since the first Industrial revolution, be it the OEE or the ability to go zero defect on production quality.

In an increasingly complex & competitive world, where the key differentiator is Agility, Automation & Adaptability to market demands, the defining impact is being driven by Algorithms, Applications and Analytics’ Platforms. AI is at the core of enabling organizations in enhancing product quality, securing & optimizing manufacturing operations, and enabling disruptive business models.

Construction of System via Sylodium, Logometry, Rexiology, heminemetics, Critaxis…

In Sylodium: our coming new Language: Logometry, for computers and for a global computer (total wrap) via Heminemetics, Critaxis, and Rexiology and the ZriByForx System, is currently the unique way for a real and global Artificial Inteligence based in give 3D dimensions, x,y,z coordinates to human language.


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