China, Israel, OBOR 4.0 to Africa.

China-Israel ties are developing swiftly between high-level officials

Chinese VP Wang Qishan, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu with his wife Sara, and MK Miri Regev at a conference in Tel Aviv in 2018. Photo by Tomer Neuberg/Flash90

China’s foreign investment benefits Israel massively. It decreases the price of construction projects in Israel and opens up a large pools of available capital. Israeli cooperation with China also diversifies its trading portfolio.

Israel-China economic ties have trickled down to academic, cultural, and tourist exchanges as well.

In January of 2015, China and Israel signed the “China-Israel Innovation Cooperation Three-Year Action Plan,” establishing an alliance between Chinese and Israeli universities to expedite cooperation over research and development.

Tourism is also on the rise. In just three years, Chinese visitors to Israel jumped almost 300 percent, from 32,400 in 2014 to 123,900 in 2017. By 2018, Israel had finalized direct flights from Ben Gurion airport to four different cities in China.

Looking ahead

US security concerns are not reason enough to break the current Israeli-Chinese relationship. The economic benefits are too high for Israel to backtrack. Rather, concerns should motivate Israel to proceed with caution, ensuring future exports and foreign investment deals are safe and better monitored.

To guarantee Israel can continue striking a balance between the two powers, the 2019 RAND report on Israel-China ties offers suggestions for a path forward between Israel and the United States:

Coordination should be expanded to other areas, aside from defense, and involve other ministries and agencies. The engagements between Washington and Jerusalem should include China as a regular item in discussions and policy decisions. Israel and the United States also should ensure regular information-sharing and joint monitoring of the nature and extent of Chinese investments and economic activities in Israel and in the broader Middle East (including in the Red Sea and east Mediterranean). This is especially important as growing voices in Israel call for developing a process to scrutinize Chinese economic practices more closely.


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IoTT (internet of things and thoughts)

Some thoughts by (via) Clevalencia APP.

It is not the class (of things) that matters, but the weight of each thing according to perspective and context.

A tsunami in Indonesia vs. Leave due to illness of your worker.

According to the perspective, for Humanity, the second does not exist, for the businessman, the tsunami does not take away his sleep.

The doctrine of virtue consists in weighing (thinking) and deciding according to weight, giving the appropriate weight to each thing and deciding according to it, simultaneously contains temperance, strength, prudence (wisdom) and justice.

Theory of weights vs. Class theory.

A loyal ruler (as opposed to a parent) must be weighed down by the movements of the masses, not by the suspensions of his son, an ideal ruler, he should not have a family.

According to the vital context (for example), the daily eagerness at work, in the family, in love, in friendship in great words etc. has no weight and the substance underground that we do not see on the surface, the assessment , the meaning, the most "comprehensive" and subtle words, weigh heavily on us, every day.

According to the daily context, the eagerness in big words only weighs on a practical, daily level.

The big words weigh in their accumulated balance for years, in the vital context, you cannot "reset" without more, underground still happening and weighing many things.


Pure sciences in the human and human sciences in things and in the doctrine of law Required consideration at your expense Park, move away, keep back, recover at will without urgency, new and interested priorities, new and repeated thoughts on the faculties of mind Generosity in unrestricted love and selfishness in sex and in the church against nature Windless noises and lights without rings from the Blessed Theater in women's tears: damn them: false parishioners, sad horses and schizophrenic monkeys To flow is to reify double names in the ear ambiguity of casuistic dogmatics and ascetic catechesis Ideal journalist judges and journalists judges of the heart of the storm of domesticated digital mamis, detached humans, and gross baits ad infinitum contact angles There is no anguish in the immeasurable, but headache, vice, temperance. Syllogism of Philip II vertical visigoth shape and horizontal Hispanic matter Philosophy of psychology, first picture: reflection falls aesthetically Language as the guiding thread of the new old interpretation Conceptism vs. spread convergence There are no things, it means that there is not an identical one Supply and demand is the Marxism of the Hegelian spirit of reality and consciousness the same exercise and the same representation are in the matter and in the form new language is new world if you legislate new destiny mobile and portable fragments of numbers and images of fish eyes and ears Donor monster of both miraculous prodigy and honey duty of virtue of internal freedom of Father's love metaphysics of customs forever, penultimate, division right to the private use of a thing in which I am in common possession with others. Amen

Explain the Israel’s challenges and opportunities in engaging with China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), considering one of the BRI corridors ends in Tehran.   

Israel sees its connection with the BRI as an opportunity to improve its ties with China more generally, as well as to open economic opportunities for Israeli companies. BRI routes require not only sea ports, but also railways, logistic centers, warehouses, airports, and transport system hardware and software. Israeli companies could contribute to BRI projects by developing and integrating transportation and logistics technologies and related systems for trains, aircraft, and marine engineering, for example.

At the same time however, Israel’s role in the BRI is likely to be limited by its small size and limited transportation connectivity with countries in its region. In addition, Chinese involvement in certain key infrastructure in Israel — especially in the Ashdod and Haifa ports (the latter is a frequent port of call for the U.S. Sixth Fleet and serves as the base for Israel’s submarines) and the light rail in Tel Aviv, which runs by the Kirya, the base of IDF headquarters in Tel Aviv — could have security implications for Israel, including on the U.S. military’s willingness to operate in these areas

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