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Recently, Chinese companies bought out parts of the Haifa and Ashdod ports. In Haifa, a Chinese state-owned enterprise received a 25 year contract to operate a container terminal at the port. Chinese companies are also bidding to help fund the light rail construction in Tel Aviv along with other projects around the country. These ports and rail networks in Israel can stand as critical nodes of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, securing Chinese access to the Mediterranean Sea.

Arthur Herman, senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, gives another example of how investing in Israeli transportation infrastructure is so strategic for China:

One outstanding example of Chinese capital helping to meet Israeli needs while also serving larger Chinese interests is Beijing’s involvement in the so-called “Red-Med” project, a 300-kilometer rail line linking the port city of Ashkelon, just fifteen miles south of Ashdod, to the Red Sea. The Israeli government, which has deemed “Red-Med” economically essential to the country’s future, responded enthusiastically to China’s offer to provide experienced labor and an approximately $2-billion investment. From China’s perspective, however, “Red-Med” forms only one node, albeit an important one, in the network of high-speed rail lines it intends to build across Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Middle East as well as in China itself.


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IoTT (internet of things and thoughts)

Stupid and fashion things that people use to say today and our APP detect easily, for example.

"You think you'll make a trip, but he is who makes the trip to him." Nicolas Boubier It has been an experience, knowing me a little more from another place and trade very different from mine. Every day during these two months dress up as a waitress for a well-known restaurant in Western Asturias, do my best from the person I am ... with love and care to work with awareness the tools that I speak so much in class and in the life, take care of myself in the moments of greatest physical pain, exhaustion and other messengers who have come to visit ..., with openness to meet colleagues during this time, countrymen, tourists and very nice families who cheered the service. A scenario that has given me the opportunity to share very special Alchemy Yoga classes with new people on the beach, new students who have become friends and I will miss. Dedicate myself to meet again feeling a great connection with the Earth, see the Sea and the Mountain every day, walks that have nourished me to see the colors of nature, animal friends that I carry in my heart. . My roots have undoubtedly been strengthened ... This experience has been an ocean of daily contrasts ... Everything has added up, I feel immense gratitude for the experiences in the two scenarios that have formed this Asturian adventure that has made me reborn contributing great Very beautiful experiences and people that I decide to continue on my path. When you go with the mind and heart wide open and attentive everywhere you find great adventures and learning for the soul. While I am on my way to Madrid knowing that the landscapes will soon change and I will reach the asphalt from a bittersweet taste ... I open a space to the void of not knowing how the return will be after these months that inside seems to have spent more time ... What will be the next adventure? How long will I be in Madrid? I don't know ... And what? But here I am willing to experience the false goals of walking ...

And serious things that we can found with our APP

This is how it would be for us to speak to philosophers, more or less in their jargon, so that they would understand us and disagree, because in the conflict, there is their bread.


We already know that time can be divided into instants, but that time is not the succession of instants.

If perhaps the wheel that weaves past and future at every moment, being at every turn, the future in the past (that final cause), and the past in the future (the causal principle, for example) until they are placed in the next back as we understand them better but with the drag of what has already been projected from the future, and what we will analyze of what has already broken down according to its own projection and its drag.

What we mean is that the divisions are useful, never true.

the truth is in the All of each thing, which decomposes into moments, parts, we decompose them, of course, because we have no other left to place ourselves, and that those moments and those parts, are, if anything, in their best case, pieces of truth, of that thing.

What we want to say is that the truth of a thing, whether it exists or not, must exist for everything, is entirely with its moments and parts cast with the whole as soon as they are divided and understood, and that the Truth with capital letters is immeasurable, it is transfinite elevated to the transfinite potency at every moment because there are each and every one of the things, and that Darwin's theory or the theory of Relativity are not even a drop of water in his cauldron, his matter, but a cauldron in its ocean, ocean that is immersed in the rest of the oceans.

What we also want to say is that the consciousness of the object, and the object itself, are parts, moments of knowledge (of the object by the subject) and that although the object itself could never be known because it would have to know its entire ocean , a whole is made, a small whole, when the conscience is clean, and God presents you the cauldron of water, with the consciousness of the thing, and the thing itself, melted, the same, in gross essence, it could be said of as the map of language represents the map of things, or the map of consciousness that of language etc.

China Mobile IoT: China Mobile Partners With Huawei to Create the Era of IoE

As an internet phenomenon in China, people who dislike nationalist fanaticism also call the pro-government nationalists “wolf warriors” in an ironic way. The reporter from China Central Television, who interrupted a criticof the Chinese government at the British Conservative Party’s annual conference and slapped a volunteer, for instance, was satirized by some Chinese netizens as a “wolf warrior-type journalist”.

in 2017, they numbered 317.2 thousand, or 64.85% of the overall international students in China. They enjoy much better government benefits than China’s domestic students, such as higher scholarships, [better dorm rooms and more studying resources. The inadequacy at home and of the way that this seems to oppose “China First” has made “wolf warriors” become xenophobic against people from OBOR countries. For example, a lot of online speeches blame international students from Africa for having caused a large increase in AIDS cases in China.

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