Out of OBOR routes?

Not mind if you are out of OBOR 4.0 towards Africa, tap it via Triangular Trade and global barter.

Link your business to Chinese –Africans routes.

China rising

Asia Pacific nations – including U.S. allies – are fast reconciling themselves to the seismic geopolitical shift taking place in their region, as the economic center of gravity moves away from the U.S. to a China focus, says Peter Cai, a Nonresident Fellow at the Lowry Institute, an Australian policy think tank.

Mr Kenyatta, one of only two African leaders to attend this weekend’s Beijing forum of China’s flagship Belt and Road regional infrastructure programme, said ahead of the gathering: “Those of us there, representing Africa, will be pushing . . . to increase our trade into China.” Referring to concerns in parts of Africa that China was recreating colonial trading patterns by flooding the continent with manufactured goods, extracting raw materials and gobbling up construction contracts, Mr Kenyatta said that Beijing was “beginning to appreciate that, if their win-win strategy is going to work, it must mean that, just as Africa opens up to China, China must also open up to Africa”.

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Under its Belt and Road initiative, China is seeking to refashion the ancient Silk Road linking Asia with Europe and Africa, including Kenya on the Indian Ocean coast. China overtook the US as Africa’s biggest trading partner in 2009. Mr Kenyatta said Kenya intended to emulate Ethiopia by inviting Chinese manufacturers to the country. As Chinese wages rise, African leaders see attracting jobs in labour-intensive industries such as textiles, shoes and agro-processing as one way of tackling the trade imbalance. The president denied Kenya was taking on too much Chinese debt to finance what critics have suggested are white elephant projects that will never pay for themselves. His government borrowed $3.6bn for the Mombasa-Nairobi leg of a new rail line, due to open next month, which Mr Kenyatta said would eventually extend to Uganda, Rwanda and even the Atlantic coast in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

This, Cai says, rings especially true now that Donald Trump is distancing the U.S. from its long time Pacific trading partners and allies via withdrawal from the TPP, with tariffs, and potentially a trade war.

The TPP alliance now offers a relatively weak counterweight to China’s economic might. Without the muscle of the U.S. added in, the pact, signed by eleven nations bordering the Pacific Ocean (Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam) will be hard pressed to compete as China moves boldly forward with its Belt and Road Initiative.

India, US, Australia and Japan start talks to establish alternative to China's OBOR initiative

In contrast, the United States at that time was suffering from the aftereffects of the Iraq War; the United States’ public image had soured in much of the globe, and the overall popularity of democratic government was slipping as well. Some Chinese officials were beginning to enunciate a Chinese model of development, as an alternative to the Washington Consensus.

Following India's objections, many countries, including the US, have come out openly against China's OBOR.

"No one is saying China should not build infrastructure," the official said, adding "China might build a port which, on its own is not economically viable. We could make it economically viable by building a road or rail line linking that port".

Turnbull will be leaving for Washington on Wednesday for a three-day visit during which he will meet the US president Donald Trump and will be leading a delegation of state and territory leaders and business executives. Meanwhile, Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop on Monday said that China was the largest trading partner for Australia and OBOR was one option whereby nations could access funds for critical infrastructure. " the Indo-Pacific and One Belt, One Road is one option whereby nations can access more funds for critical infrastructure,''

Everybody is in FIR

Africa 4.0:

Artificial Intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) to make investment decisions is one area where Africa could already claim to have taken something of a lead. In South Africa, Stellenbosch-based NMRQL recently launched what it describes as the country's first machine-learning-powered unit trust, which uses AI technology to make investment decisions.

This computational investment process then gives fund managers the facility to discern hidden patterns in the underlying big data.

Maintaining that this is just one example of the kind of digital innovation emerging across the continent, Tim Jones, Co-founder of Future Agenda, a London-headquartered trends and futures consultancy, said: "New disruptive technology-led business models are beginning to emerge across Africa, especially in the fields of AI and machine learning. Everything today is all about recognising patterns, about what could be done better and Africa is embracing that."

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Artificial Intelligence in the era of Industry 4.0

Application of artificial intelligence technology in Manufacturing spans several use cases ranging from better-designed products, significant cuts in unplanned downtime to enhancing OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) and manufacturers are applying AI-powered analytics to data to improve efficiency, product quality and the safety of employees.

A shocking amount of capital is tied up in inventory. Along with accounts receivable and accounts payable, inventory represents $1.1 trillion in cash – equivalent to 7 per cent of the United States GDP. This article explains the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in accessing this cash. 

Industry 4.0 is changing the way we work across the supply chain. Using AI, sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) technology, a smart and data-driven distribution center can be developed. For example, by cross-referencing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems with consumer trends data, AI technology can automatically order the correct amount of raw materials to fulfil orders, reducing waste and increasing profit.

Robotic Manufacturing Processes: As industrial robots enter the production floor, the human-robot collaboration will have to be efficient and safe. AI will be the core in enabling robots to handle more cognitive tasks whilst making autonomous decisions based on real-time environmental data. This will enhance process efficiencies and create a seamless human-robot blended process.

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