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The Future Is in Africa, and China Knows It

A third possibility is housing and infrastructure. Those billions of young, wealthier Africans will need places to live, roads to travel on, solar energy to power the air conditioners that protect them from global warming, water infrastructure, and so on.

So Westerners shouldn’t worry that investing in Africa means repeating their ancestors’ colonial sins. In the modern global economy, funding productive industries is more important than grabbing resources —a win-win relationship instead of exploitation. China understands this, and appreciates Africa’s huge, untapped productive potential. The West should, too

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OBOR Implications for Connectivity and Regional Trade for 2030

Developments of projects relating to OBOR are likely to be undertaken in phased manner at different time periods due to financial constraints, local administrative hurdles, pending clearances from government agencies, and, in some cases, public unrest due to a lack of transparency in funding allocation – i.e., absence of international standards on transparency, the rule of law, and adequate financing for projects. Macroeconomic stability, long-term impact on employment, industrial growth, infrastructure finance, and the capacity to service debt funds secured from international and infrastructure development institutions of participating OBOR countries are some of the key factors likely to determine the success of this massive exercise. Clarity relating to dispute handling mechanisms concerning OBOR related projects is expected to remain an important factor in determining the success of the projects. To this end, an international commercial court is being set up in Beijing to resolve any project related disputes. 


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Ties between African countries and China are complex. Understanding this matters

The complex relationship between Africa and China has become even more complicated this year. Initially, 2018 was set to reaffirm the bond through the latest Forum on China-Africa Cooperation summit held in Beijing in September. The summit delivered its usual pageant of African leaders, side deals, and the announcement of a USD$60 billion financing package. The year also saw the recurrence of misgivings about the relationship.

The most explicit theme of this conversation was debt. Donald Trump’s US administration added fuel to smouldering anxiety, and China found itself having to defend its lending to Africa – at home and globally. At the same time, African governments are battling rumours that they are about to hand over state assets to the Chinese.

China to invest USD 60 billion in Africa

Africa will receive USD 60 billion in ivestment from the Chinese government and businesses, announced China’s president at a summit with African heads of state

Chinese president Xi Jinping has announced eight new initiatives for African development, pledging USD 60 billion to support them.

Giving the keynote address at the opening ceremony of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC), which took place on 3 September in Beijing, President Xi praised the development and changes taking place in Africa and espoused the common interests between China and the nations of the continent.

REXIOLOGY of Space and Time for Sino African Relations 4.0

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China has brought more development to Africa than any other partner

African Union Member States have expressed concern at what they termed as the bashing of Chinese Cooperation with Africa from some sectors of the media and some western countries.

The AU Member States voiced this concern during a forum to review some of the resolutions of the 3rd Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation that was themed a New Blue Print for a Win-win Cooperation and Common Development.

The African Countries want the African Union to come up with stringent measures to curb the negative perception that China is slowly colonizing the continent through its massive investment on the continent.

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Africa: Experts Explore How Industry 4.0 Can Drive Africa's Growth

Sun City — NEC XON is exploring methods for harnessing the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) innovations and technologies to overcome Africa's socio-economic challenges.

The seventh NEC XON opened at Sun City, in the North West Province in South Africa on Thursday.

The summit traditionally attracts 300 to 400 invitation-only delegates from the continent's largest and most respected organisations.

These include mobile operators, enterprises, internet service providers, public sector and cross border fibre wholesale carriers which traverses across Sub-Saharan Africa and include the Indian Ocean Islands.

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Gamification As An Industry Driver

It’s clear that the blockchain has become a technology buzzword, so much so that it’s common to hear just about anything associated with the blockchain. In some cases, the technology itself isn’t even important; simply adding the term “blockchain” to a company name has become a strategy in itself. However, the gaming and collecting industries actually make a lot of sense when it comes to integrating the blockchain.

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Smart factory technology to power the Industry 4.0 revolution

The advent of the IoT and Industry 4.0 has added the ‘cloud’ to the networking landscape. Remote, secure, yet easily available data in the cloud supports a possible widespread future for highly automated companies, one that is already becoming a necessary prerequisite for companies that want to be competitive and efficient in an increasingly challenging market.

There are different levels of communication and each requires different hardware and software features. Smart factories are looking to get a lot smarter, more flexible and dynamic, so networks need to respond to these goals. The high performance and reliable communication technologies that are entering the market will outperform those currently in use. These technologies will make it possible to transfer large amounts of data in real time or with minimal delay, connect a large number of individual devices in a very reliable way and with the highest data security standards. Increasingly, wireless technologies are being used more and more; both within the plant and for remote connectivity.

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