Time to OBOR, now the TPP died.

While, you should TAP OBOR 4.0 towards Africa via Triangular Trade and barter in all their routes.

OBOR poised to transform the Earth?

China rising vs. WEST.

Asia Pacific nations – including U.S. allies – are fast reconciling themselves to the seismic geopolitical shift taking place in their region, as the economic center of gravity moves away from the U.S. to a China focus, says Peter Cai, a Nonresident Fellow at the Lowry Institute, an Australian policy think tank.

This, Cai says, rings especially true now that Donald Trump is distancing the U.S. from its long time Pacific trading partners and allies via withdrawal from the TPP, with tariffs, and potentially a trade war.

The TPP alliance now offers a relatively weak counterweight to China’s economic might. Without the muscle of the U.S. added in, the pact, signed by eleven nations bordering the Pacific Ocean (Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam) will be hard pressed to compete as China moves boldly forward with its Belt and Road Initiative.

You can create your own circuit, APP, route inside Sylodium’s system combining bilateral trade in triangular relations as China – Israel - Africa Barte,

Guangzhou – Singapore - SACU Shipping Business, Keifang – Guangzhou – Tel Aviv - IGAD AI, Shanghai – Nairobi – Rest of East Africa gamification 4.0, Keifang – Cape Town - Nigeria HR4.0, Beijing – Israel - South Africa Barter Trade, China – Philippines - West Africa APPS 4.0., Shanghai – Guangzhou - SADC AI- IoT-IIoT, Hong Kong – Middle East - EEAC START UPS APPS 4.0.

BRI meets the environment

One question of great concern to environmentalists is transparency. History has shown that rigorous environmental protections are most likely to be instituted and enforced in open societies where an independent judicial branch, media, activists and public can freely challenge government and business interests. China has no such history, and its construction projects around the world have long been plagued by a troubling environmental record.

Xi Says China-Africa Cooperation To Go ‘Hand In Hand’ Over Coming Years

Forum on China because operation action plan identified eight major initiatives the arts has to focus on China-Africa Cooperation in the coming three years to strengthen practical coordination across the board. We lead the world is undergoing Fownes changes seen in this century economic globalization is deepening an increasingly motive the world. The future holds. People has never been so closely linked. Meanwhile mankind faces list of common challenges as such and destabilizing factors continue to mount. China and Africa will join hands to build a China Africa community with a shared future features joint responsibility. Operation happiness from common cultural prosperity and common security and Monique's coexistence hallway together we will pledge to uphold the interest of China.

Meanwhile, India, US, Australia and Japan start talks to establish alternative to China's OBOR initiative

Everybody is in FIR 

Africa 4.0:

It has taken time, but today many experts have finally recognized not only the potential for Africa’s growth but also the possibility that its success in skipping over out of date technologies may well evolve into leading in new areas. Some have already started to embrace the concept of “Africa 4.0” and are positioning the continent, in all its variety, as a potential leader in the 4th industrial revolution.

Perhaps more surprisingly from a global investment point of view, the long war-torn Democratic Republic of the Congo is another country that technology service providers, including PayPal, are viewing as having healthy growth prospects. This is partly down to the growing social needs in the country, which have seen it transformed into one of the world's fastest-growing mobile-money markets.

But what assumptions are being made to come to such a conclusion and what are some of the future implications? Digital technology provides global opportunities, so how can Africa take advantage of this?  There is a growing expectation that the ‘Industry 4.0’ shifts could have a dramatic impact. But will they? Can they indeed help transform African economies? And, if so, then where are the biggest opportunities?

Given that the technological groundwork has already been laid in many African countries, many have raised the prospect of Africa 4.0, a digitally led transformation of the continent's fortunes. In particular, there are five key areas where technology is seen as having the potential to kick-start the local and regional economies. 

The thinking Machine about the Rexiology of Clevalence, our HIERARCHICAL MATRIX APP


X1 Intelligence in its syllabic sense of “in” “te” “li” “gen” “ce” as a hinge between action and intention. X2 Rumboid. study own and others' monads, MVM.. X3. Decisions, cold blood and burning heart. X4. Achievements, Malgratons. X5. VERTICAL long-term judgments but also towards the past, balance backwards.


Y1 Common nature, shared, individual, acquired, imposed. Y2 PRUDENCE (broad sense), classic weight of care vs. Will of Power, Intuition of care vs. WoP. Y3 MATRIX, Weigh Thoughts, BALANCE. Weigh the Thoughts, BALANCE, Clevalence itself, Matrix, stromatic-cubic-concentric judgments. Y4 Know how, structure Mask - JUDGMENT- feeling. Mask’s Mode Judgment Mode current in hinge (study it in Rumboid, to see it in action) Y5 concrete reason.


Z1 MAINTAIN and ADAPT intentionality system. Z2 ACT CÚBICA, (Psychology of the theory of the relational frames #RFT with the cubes of the thought and the law of compensation and its rebalances) Z3 Thought, Senses, Feelings, Two-way coarse combinations (those that are and only situate) of the elementary propositions in Thought (Rec Ret, Expectations, Val. In #TREXU) the 5 Senses, and the 4 basic Feelings: fear = surprise, disgust = anger , sadness, joy. Z4 A long and long Here and Now, try to see the real time, the temporality of each thought, during that now long. Z5 Everyday.

Artificial Intelligence in the era of Industry 4.0

Application of artificial intelligence technology in Manufacturing spans several use cases ranging from better-designed products, significant cuts in unplanned downtime to enhancing OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) and manufacturers are applying AI-powered analytics to data to improve efficiency, product quality and the safety of employees.

Predictive Maintenance is one of the most compelling cases for AI in manufacturing. It involves the use of advanced AI algorithms in the form of machine learning and pseudo neural networks to formulate predictions regarding machine failures and the ability to predict the next failure of a part, machine or system. Resulting in reduction of unplanned downtime, as well as for extending the Life Time Value of machines and equipment.


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