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Two Off Grid Projects To Electrify Rural Communities In Nigeria

New from PM News Nigeria

Two off grid projects were recently announced in Nigeria, one consisting of a partnership between Pan Africa Solar and BBOXX (PAS BBOXX), adding to the growing momentum of the off grid sector across Africa

The first project led by Pan Africa Solar ( – is an 80MW utility scale Photovoltaic Power Plant located in Katsina State, near the town of Kankia.

The project focuses on a stable state in the north of the country, where – due to lack of available hydro resources and gas supply – renewables are the only long term sustainable option.

The project will integrate panels mounted on tilting structures that track the path of the sun throughout the day, constructed on 210 hectares of land.

BBOXX is collaborating with Pan Africa Solar on a second project supplying the distributed energy service that is operating in Kano State, Northern Nigeria, with hopes to expand across the country.

BBOXX’s VP of Business Development, Anshul Patel shared his comments on the partnership and its plans:

“Pan Africa Solar is a dedicated team with a core understanding of the Nigerian market; a very exciting BBOXX partner in a much under-served market.

”Nigeria has 60 million people who lack access to electricity. To date, 2000 people have been impacted by our work in Kano, and the business is currently in the process of scaling its operations. The partnership between BBOXX and PAS is instrumental in leveraging expertise in the off-grid business combined with local market knowledge to successfully scale operations with a goal of electrifying 1 million people by 2020.”

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